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Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation FAQs

Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation offers care and compassion during the passing of a loved one. We’re committed to providing optimal burial and cremation services in Lexington, TN. We understand many people have questions about funeral and burial services. We’re here to provide you with answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I personalize a funeral?

Yes, of course, A funeral is a celebration of life and a time to pay tribute to the deceased person. We encourage you to personalize the funeral with songs, photographs, readings, and more. There is no wrong way to personalize a funeral. Please tell us your ideas so we can incorporate them into the funeral.

Do we need to have an obituary notice, and what is included in one?

We recommend an obituary notice to notify the public of a person’s death. An obituary typically includes the deceased person’s name, age, city, date of birth, and hometown. It will often list names of family members and a blurb about their life.

Who are funeral directors, and what do they do?

A funeral director is a licensed professional in charge of all the logistics following a death. A funeral director is also a compassionate leader, offering support and guidance to the family member in their time of loss. They will make arrangements for the body’s transportation, complete necessary paperwork, prepare the deceased according to the family’s wishes, and assist with any other funeral business.

What if a death occurs away from my hometown?

If a death occurs out of town, we will arrange to have the deceased person’s remains transported to us. You can leave it to us to make the proper arrangements.

Why have a viewing?

A viewing involves an open or closed casket. It is an essential part of the grieving process that allows friends and family a way to say goodbye. It’s often difficult to cope and accept the reality of loss. A viewing provides a time where loved ones can start coming to terms with the death of their friend or family member.

Can I still have funeral services with cremation?

Yes. We encourage you to celebrate the life of those you love. No matter the form of burial, we can hold a funeral service before or after the cremation process.

Should I bring my children to the funeral service?

It’s important that you use your own judgment to determine if bringing your children to the funeral service is the best decision. Many times, young children don’t comprehend death. It is important for children to express grief if they understand death. If you choose to bring them to the funeral, explain the experience to them, so it is not a surprise.

How long does the cremation process take?

The cremation process varies depending on the person and the container. The cremation process typically takes between three and five hours.

How can I be sure that the remains I receive are those of my loved one?

It is illegal to cremate multiple people at one time. The cremation chambers hold one person and are highly regulated with strict procedures. Fees and paperwork are completed with local authorities, and a checklist is completed at the crematory. The deceased person receives a metal disk with their unique ID number from the time throughout the cremation process. It is critical to know we treat the deceased with the utmost respect and meticulous care during the cremation process.

Where can I scatter my loved one’s cremated remains? 

There are no regulations about scattering cremated issues. All public parks do ask you to submit a formal request before scattering ashes. There is no right or wrong answer as to where to spread your loved one’s remains in most cases. Most people choose a place that was special to the deceased person and have their own celebration of life as they scatter the ashes.

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We’re committed to make the funeral and burial process as smooth and respectful as possible. We serve Henderson County with love and care and want what is best for your family. Our team understands losing a loved one is a time filled with stress and grief. Let us help you when dealing with burials, funerals, and cremation. Contact us for information or service.

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