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Respectfully Honoring the Departed

Pre-planning a funeral or cremation service is one of the best things you can do for your loved ones. When loved ones pass away, their friends and family members are often forced to make significant decisions under emotional distress. Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation wants to help ease this burden by offering advice on the benefits of pre-arrangement funeral plans in Lexington, TN. We work with you to plan a customized funeral ceremony or on-site cremation service, ensuring your wishes are the first priority. Contact us to learn more.

An elderly couple pre-arranging their funeral/burial/cremation in Lexington, TN

Benefits of Pre-arranging a Funeral or Burial

There are many benefits of pre-arranging a funeral or burial, including:

  • Ensures your loved ones aren’t put in the situation to make stressful decisions under distress
  • Chosen services are guaranteed the same price at the time of death
  • Flexible payment plans to meet your needs
  • Communicates your wishes to ensure your celebration of life meets your wishes
  • Takes the emotional and financial burden of decision-making off your loved ones

How Pre-Planning Helps Family During the Stressful Time

The death of a loved one is a painful event. We meet with thousands of families who do not know where to begin when planning their loved one’s funeral or burial. When you pre-plan your funeral or burial service, your family can focus on celebrating your life without worrying they’re making the wrong choices for your funeral. Your pre-arranged burial or cremation plans cover their emotional and financial burdens. Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation is here for you and your loved ones to plan details for the service and set up payments. We genuinely care about taking the burden off your loved ones to allow them to focus on their emotional needs in the time of your passing.

Pre-Planning FAQs

We’re here to answer some of the most common pre-planning frequently asked questions for you. If you have any further questions, reach out to us.

What if I made pre-arrangements with another funeral home? 

If you decide to change your funeral and burial plans, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll honor your arrangements and help transfer your plans.

What is involved in pre-planning death arrangements with the funeral home?

Our team will meet with you to discuss your wishes for your burial and funeral plans. We invite you to include personal touches, including music, flowers, and photographs. We can discuss pallbearers, burial locations, readings, and any personal additions. We will also discuss pre-funding at this time to determine if you wish to take the financial burden off your loved ones. 

How is pre-planning different from pre-funding?

Pre-planning involves making your funeral and burial plans ahead of time. Pre-funding involves taking care of the costs of your pre-planning decisions.

 Can I pay for my burial and funeral plans now?

Yes! If you choose to pay for your funeral and burial plans now, we welcome it. We will put your money into a state-approved funding option until it is needed. You can pay in full or installment payments.

How do I discuss my funeral and burial plans with my family?

We understand death is a scary topic for many families. You are doing the best thing possible for your loved ones by taking care of a significant task. It’s important to respect your loved ones’ feelings and emotions when discussing the subject. Reiterate that you’re making these decisions and plans because you’re putting their needs first.

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Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation offers a wide range of comprehensive services. Our team is committed to ensuring you receive a respectful, exemplary celebration of life. Our locally-owned and -operated funeral home serves Henderson County and the surrounding areas with compassion and love. Contact us today to discuss pre-planning your funeral or burial service.

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