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12/7/1952 – 7/8/2023

Alvin Maynard Byrd Jr. passed away Saturday, July 8th, 2023 in Lexington, TN at the age of 70. He was
preceded by his parents Alvin Maynard Byrd Sr. and Cornelia Lovelace Byrd, his brother “Marty” Jimmie
Lance Morrison, his aunt Betty Jean Sherrod, and uncle “Doog” Alfred Browning Sherrod. He is survived
by his fiancé Bethel Schneider of Lexington, TN, his brothers Randy Byrd (Tony) of Harriman, TN, his
sisters JeanAnn Byrd Pollard and family of Florence, AL, his sons Michael Shane Byrd (Wendy) of
Cleveland, GA, and Justin Tyler Hannah of Maria Del Ray, CA, his stepsons Joseph Schneider of Nashville,
TN, and Jonathan Smith of Scott’s Hill, TN, his uncle Kenny Lovelace (JoAnn) of Nashville, TN, and
Michael and Larry Sherrod of Florence, AL, along with several cousins. Mr. Byrd served as a patrol
sergeant with Henderson County Sheriff’s Department for 9 years. His country held high honors with
him as he was involved with overseas security. He played bass guitar, or “bass fiddle” as Jerry Lee Lewis
called it, with “The Killer” in the 1990s. He played and opened for Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and a
multitude of other influential musicians and groups. He appeared with Jerry Lee Lewis touring all over
the world, from Russia to Malmo, Sweden. Dale King and The Showtime Band was his favorite and he
loved to play music at “Music on the Square” in Bolivar, TN. Music was his first love and Alvin continued
to play with several local musicians up until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was loved an will
be missed by his family and friends.

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