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James Erdmann

11/2/1955 – 9/4/2022
Jim Erdmann passed away Sunday, September 4th, 2022, in his home in Lexington, TN, at the age of 66.
He was born 1955 in Britt, Iowa and grew up in Garner, Iowa. Jim joined the United States Army at
18y.o. and served for 3 years. He married Kitty Margiotta and had two children. He later married Christy
Taylor, his wife of 34 years. He worked for the city of Colorado Springs Utilities for 25 years. He retired in
2010 and moved to Lexington, TN, where he resided until his death. He was preceded by his parent’s
Earl and Marcella Erdmann, niece Amber Cayler, and nephew TJ Erdmann. He is survived by his wife
Christy Erdmann, his children Brandi (Clayton) Allen, James (Natera) Erdmann, Brenden Erdmann, Rhylie
Erdmann, and Ashton Erdmann, his sisters Marcia (Gaylord) Alger, Janet (Hank) Meyering, and Nancy
Erdmann, his brothers Bill Erdmann, Tom (Julie) Erdmann, and Chuck Erdmann, and his stepchildren
Sabrina (Tony) Ruggiano, Tara Waldner, and Tina Waldner, along with 9 grandchildren.

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