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6/30/1972 – 12/4/2023

Jeffery Whitehead passed away December 4th, 2023 in Lexington, TN at the age of 51. He was preceded by his father James Whitehead and stepfather Gary Lunsford. He is survived by his mother Bessie Lunsford, his sister Elizabeth Farley, his brothers Bobby Farley and Jamie Whitehead, his children Jasmine Terry, Madison Rogers, Breanna Whitehead, Haley Whitehead, Nathaniel Whitehead, and his grandchildren Addison Rogers, Heavenly Gladney, Derek Rogers, Isaac Rogers, and Henry Guerra. He loved gardening, camping, fishing, and spending time at the river. He enjoyed collecting coins, working on cars, and playing boxing and MMA games. He was a fan of the 49ers and liked watching “Alaska Bush People.” He loved his children and grandchildren deeply. He will be greatly missed by us all.

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