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9/14/1948 – 11/13/2022
Robert (Bob) A. Southard of Lexington, TN passed away in Jackson, TN, Sunday November 13th 2022. He
was born September 14th 1948 in Monteguma, IN. He was retired as an auto body shop mechanic,
painter, and remodeling homes. He enjoyed building motorcycles, flying remote control planes and
drones. He was preceded in death by his parents, James and Juanita Southard of Camden and sister
Deborah Norfleet of Lexington, TN. He is survived by sisters Darlene (Raymond) Middleton of Lexington,
TN, and Valerie Harris of Paris, TN, nephew Jeff (Tonya) Middleton of Brighten, TN, nieces Crystal (Jason)
Maness of Lexington, TN, and Tammy (Joey) Marr of Sardis, TN. He served his country in the U.S. Army
from 1978-1980.

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