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10/10/1942 – 8/22/2023

Douglas Sowell passed away on August, 22nd, 2023 in Henderson County at the age of 80.
He was preceded by his wife Suley Inetha Sowell, his mother Loue Ella Sowell, his father
Ben Wright Sowell, his brothers Clevland and Winston Sowell, his daughter Carlene Estes,
and his son-in-law Bobby Estes. He is survived by his brother Wayne Sowell (Georgia), his
sisters Barbara Coleman (Richy) and Mary Lou Summeralls (Smiley), his granddaughter
Jennifer Durfee (David), his grandson Robert Estes (Jessica), and his great-grandchildren
Taylor Estes, Harley Bailey, Ethan Estes, Brylee Estes, Brayden Johnson, and Kutler Estes.
His memorial service will be held at Stanfill Funeral Home & Cremation Tuesday August
29th, 2023 beginning at 1PM.

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